How Your Day Unfolds.

When your group shows up at Delta Force Paintball, they are all fired up for a fantastic day of paintballing. You may be wondering, though, just how this operates. What happens on your arrival?

In summary, there are two three-hour sessions: one in the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and another in the afternoon from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. You can choose which session to attend when making your reservation. After checking in, you get changed into paintball gear, hear a brief introduction to your gun, and then shoot paintballs at other players while laughing a lot.

A more detailed description of how your session will go would look something like this:.

Opportunities and Registration

After getting out of the car, head in the direction of the entrance. You will probably be asked to wait in line as a kind employee with a table full of sweets shows everyone who is open to listening how they may improve their sessions. While navigating the registration table, fun stuff and useful information are available. Did you complete the online registration form with your group before you arrived? If so, make a wise choice. There is no need to hold out for an empty spot at the table. You can move on to the next part of your session by giving your name to the marshal who is waiting.

100% Safety Record

Equipment Issue and Base Camp

Your combat equipment for the day will be given to you as soon as you enter our base camp. With the exception of the paintball gun, everything you see in this picture below is yours for free for the duration of the day when you pay the admission charge.

Naturally, the amount of it you wear is up to you, but it is required to wear a paintball mask. The majority of this equipment is exclusive to Delta Force Paintball and was created over many years by us specifically to be the finest in the business. It’s time to locate a place in base camp to make yourself comfortable and ready to play. The strong fencing here guarantees that no stray gunfire enter your secure zone for the day. You don’t yet need to wear the mask. Snacks, drinks, and extra paintball ammunition are available for purchase.

Safety Briefing & Team Organisation

Simply put, paintball doesn’t begin until the marshals are satisfied that everyone has listened to the brief safety message. You will discover how to be safe in public, what to do if you are struck by a paintball, and when you might want a marshal. It’s important to listen and pay attention since you’ll also learn how to handle your paintball gun correctly. Teams are also formed from the different player groups that are present.

Paintball Gun Issue

Now that you have the information you need to go out and enjoy yourself, it’s time to put on your mask, go through the gun locker, and collect your weapon. This is your closest friend out in the field, so take care of it. You’ll hear the marshals refer to these markings correctly—paintball was originally used as a technique for the forestry industry to label trees. Before the fight starts, would you like to fire off a few rounds? You’ll see a practice target range as soon as you receive your marker, where you may take a few shots to get your eye in. All of a sudden, I feel more confident. Let’s go paintball.

Let the Paintball Games Begin

One or more of our expertly qualified marshals will be with your squad, and you will adore yours! These folks are incredible. Our marshals are passionate about what they do, in contrast to many marshals who work for our rivals and just watch while you suffer through a paintball game. They will give you an exciting rundown of the game you are going to play and lead you to the paintball game zone, which is frequently made up of movie-quality, specially designed layouts and structures. You’re absolutely wrong if you believe that they will leave you to confront the enemy on your own. You will never fire a shot while your marshals engage in combat. That’s what you’re supposed to do.


The marshals perform the roles of spotter, referee, field commander, and medic (for any firearms or masks that need to be cleaned). They’ll keep an eye on the younger participants, such as hawks, to make sure they’re having fun and participating in the action safely. They will motivate and instill confidence in all players under their supervision, in addition to providing you with pointers and advice on how to accomplish the game’s objectives. Your first game will be done before you realise it, and you’ll know if you’re more of a silent assassin or if you have Rambo’s blood flowing through your veins as you unleash volley after volley of ammunition against the opposition. Will you guide your team to success? Or are you going to be one of the elite warriors that follow commands from their master with utmost respect? You’ll quickly discover who you are under enemy fire, weapon in hand.

Accolades, Presentations & Heading For Home

Feeling a little sad that it’s all coming to an end, you get together once with your group and enthusiastically retell the events you’ve been a part of. It’s presentation time, so the marshals aren’t done yet. After adding up the points for the day, your marshals recommend who should receive the Top Gun awards. The victorious side is declared, and individuals who, in the heat of battle, attracted the attention of their marshals are awarded for valour or, more often, just for being the most valuable. Then it’s time to pack up your equipment, bid your devoted marshals farewell, and get into your car. But don’t count on a peaceful ride home! Everyone is still giddy with excitement and ready to share several stories of their own valour and triumphs from the numerous missions. After yet another incredible day of paintball at Delta Force, you travel home while listening to everyone in the car make a commitment to return. And lots of them will.