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Ottawa Paintball

How Safe Is Paintball?


100% Safety Record!

How do we do it? At Delta Force Paintball we supply head, body & neck protection that is of higher quality than the usual equipment found in other paintball centres. We also offer gloves and groin guards if you prefer extra protection. Professionally trained staff are available ensure our safety policies are followed properly in order to keep you safe throughout the event.

Paintball safety at Delta Force

  1. Safety Equipment:
  • Each player at Delta Force Ottawa is provided with a full 360 degree certified head mask. This includes advanced anti fog lens technology, head, ear temple and crown protection eliminating the risk of painful head shots.
  • Full chest protection.  1 cm of foam armour covers the front and back while not effecting your range of motion.
  • Laundered Coveralls. We fully launder our coveralls after every use.
  • Padded Collar.  A padded collar on the overalls protects your neck from paintballs and scratches.
  • Semi-automatic paintball markers. Players are issued with state-of-the-art paintball markers that are fast-firing and reliable in the heat of the battle.

100% Safety Record

  1. Safety Policy:
  • At Delta Force, head shots do not count, deterring players from aiming for the head region
  • Goggles on. Unless in specified ‘safe zones’ all players must wear their goggles 100% of the time…no exceptions. Marshals are on hand to enforce this rule.
  • Safety Talk. On arrival, players are taken through a comprehensive safety presentation that outlines how to use the paintball markers, rules of the games and all aspects of our safety policy.
  1. Staff Training:
  • All staff undergo thorough safety training so be assured you are in safe hands.
  • Two marshals are on hand in each game zone to provide support, some strategy and most importantly enforce the safety rules at all times.
  • Center managers and senior staff have all completed first aid qualifications.

At Delta Force we are proud of our 100% safety record and will go to all lengths to maintain that standard. Our safety policy has been developed over many years of operation and our large investment in safety training and equipment shows how seriously we take this responsibility.

How safe is paintball? You are 100% safe with Delta Force Paintball Ottawa.



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