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ADMISSION, AIR & EQUIPMENT for a FULL DAY of paintball action! INCLUDES: 12-14 action-packed games A large selection of movie-set quality paintball game zones Full head protection incorporating an anti-mist goggle system Full body protection – body armour – free for all players Neck protection – combat suit with high padded collar Custom designed special-forces…

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Paintball prices – Group buys save money. We tailor our facilities to handle large groups, so we have experience organising and managing all sorts of events at our centre. A large group can be easier to deal with than multiple  small groups, that is why we offer group deals that will save you money on paintball…

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Like us and Win! To get great deals you have to be alert. Follow us on facebook to keep up with our latest news. You’ll see photos posted by our players and some handy tips. You’ll also have a chance to win a paintball prize for you and your friends! Like us on Facebook and you’ll…

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