Ottawa Paintball

What to Wear & Bring to Paintball


Be prepared.

These suggestions will make sure that you are ready for anything on the day, so you can focus on the game rather than the things you forgot to bring.

Your Fashion Statement

You will need enclosed shoes that you can run around in. You will be wearing our provided coveralls over your clothes, so anything comfortable is fine. You might also want to bring a spare set of clean clothing for the ride home, because it is a full day of action your friends will appreciate it.

When it comes to clothing, the only black and white rule is that your footwear needs to be enclosed. We will provide all other safety articles and coveralls to protect the clothes you wear. Some like to exhibit their extroverted personality with a Caribou onesie or pink tutu. Others like to take a conservative approach. Either way we suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. A change of clothes is also a good idea for the drive home.

Paintball Gear

Protecting Your Feet

You will be running around in natural bush land, so we do insist that you wear covered footwear when playing in our game zones. You can expect the odd tig or rock throughout your day so a pair of light boots or old running shoe are recommended.

Fueling Up

Don’t forget food. We have a Base Camp kiosk on site which provides snacks and refreshments. You can also bring your own lunch or pre-order a pizza on arrival, you can also order pizza while booking. We have picnic tables at Base Camp too.

Give yourself a Hand

First time players might not think about their hands much, so it is a good idea to get protective gloves if you feel you might need them. We provide them for a minimal fee or as part of an upgrade pack but you could bring your own gloves instead.

Extra Thoughts

You should be aware of the amount of paintballs you are using to make sure you don’t run out too early. The amount of paintballs you will use is impossible to predict, some people can make do with 200 while others will happily churn through 2000. It is a good idea to bring spare cash for a few reloads in case you run out of ammo, but it is usually better value to buy an upgrade pack on the day or even cheaper to buy one of the Group Upgrade options during booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to firearm laws, all Delta Force Paintball centres are strictly drug and alcohol free zones. No illicit drugs or any alcohol whatsoever may be brought to our centres at any time. Persons found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter by law. No paintball markers (guns) are stored on site.

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