Implementing these recommendations will ensure you’re fully prepared for the day, allowing you to concentrate on the game without worrying about any overlooked items.

Your Fashion Statement

You’ll require closed-toe shoes suitable for running. While we’ll supply coveralls to wear over your attire, opt for comfortable clothing. Consider bringing spare clean clothes for your journey back home—it’s a full day of activity, and your friends will appreciate it.

Regarding attire, the essential requirement is closed footwear; we’ll furnish other safety gear and coveralls. Some may prefer bold choices like a Caribou onesie or a pink tutu, while others may lean toward a more conservative style. Regardless, we recommend loose, comfy clothing. Having a change of clothes handy for the trip back is a wise move.

Protecting Your Feet

While navigating our natural bushland, it’s imperative to wear closed footwear in our game zones. Anticipate encountering occasional twigs or rocks, making lightweight boots or well-worn running shoes a suitable choice for the day.

Fueling Up

Remember to bring food along for your visit. We offer snacks and drinks at the on-site Base Camp kiosk. Feel free to pack your own lunch. Additionally, there are picnic tables available at Base Camp for your convenience.

Give yourself a Hand

Newcomers may overlook the importance of hand protection, so consider acquiring protective gloves if you anticipate the need. These are available from us for a nominal fee or as part of an upgrade package, but you’re welcome to bring your own gloves if preferred.

Extra Thoughts

It’s important to monitor your paintball usage to avoid running out too soon. Predicting the exact quantity is impossible—while some manage with 200, others might go through 2000 without hesitation. Having extra cash for refills is wise, but purchasing an upgrade pack on the spot or opting for the group upgrade options during booking generally offers better value.


Our Delta Force Paintball centres strictly adhere to firearm laws, maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Bringing illicit substances or alcohol to our centres is prohibited at all times. Those under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be legally barred from entry. Paintball markers (guns) are not stored on-site.

A Day out at Ottawa Paintball