Full Face Paintball Masks.

Delta Force Paintball realised that the standard paintball helmets did not meet our high standards, so we decided to produce our own. After significant research and development we came up with an effective head protection system. Full 360 degree protection is important to the Average Joe, so our paintball masks cover the entire head area and work in tandem with the padded neck protection on our camouflage coveralls. Delta Force paintball masks also feature anti-fog lenses. Good ventilation is a noticeable factor when you’re out in the field, so we’ve made sure our masks have good airflow and are light enough for all players.

Other paintball providers tend to offer half-face masks which offer no protection to the top of back of the head. There’s a reason we have a policy of avoiding head-shots, they hurt and can be dangerous. Delta Force Paintball has a commitment to safety and we believe our Full Head Protection Goggle system is the best choice for our players.

FAQs on goggles:

Q: Why doesn’t every paintball operator use these goggles?

A: They cost four times as much as the old-fashioned goggles; many small operators simply cannot afford to make the investment.

Q: Why are full head goggle systems particularly important for young players?

A: The goggles have a ‘top’ to them, meaning that the goggles cannot possibly ‘slip-down’. With an inferior goggle system this is always a remote possibility amongst persons with smaller ‘hat’ sizes. The chinstrap equally prevents the goggles from being lifted accidentally.

Q: Aren’t full head goggle systems going to make me hot?

A: The ‘helmets’ are made of hard plastic plates – each plate is fully articulated and equipped with the maximum possible number of ventilation ports. The goggles are no ‘hotter’ in use than the old-fashioned versions.

Q: Do they steam-up?

A: The goggles are exceptionally well ventilated and factory-equipped with proprietary ‘anti-fog’ lenses so the goggles seldom ‘steam-up’.

100% Safety Record