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Paintball Fields

Paintball fields at Delta Force Ottawa.

Delta Force Paintball has set up an exciting paintball experience in Ottawa. Players of all ages can now enjoy the outdoor sport in a wide variety of paintball fields that we guarantee you wont get bored with.

Delta Force Paintball Ottawa centre is located in Stittsville, 25 Mins from Ottawa CBD.

Check out our movie-set quality themed game zones below.

Rescue mission! Your best friend has been falsely imprisoned and its up to you and your team to ambush the bus convoy and rescue your friend before they reach death row. This mission emphasises teamwork and leadership. The leader will need to come up with a plan, the rest of the team will need to…

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Deploy the troops in D-Day! This is D-Day. Your barge has landed on a foreign shore and you need to break through the enemy lines to win, lives are depending on your success!. The enemy knows exactly where you are and you will need to plan accordingly. Take cover, wait for a break, cover your…

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A POW Camp, or is it? It looks real, but it’s just a movie set right? Nothing bad can happen here, can it? The action here is real, the enemy wants to defeat you, you aren’t playing around anymore – you have to fight your way out. Watch out for the guard towers. Take cover…

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The tomb of doom! Get in, grab the artefacts and get out – if only it was that simple!. This is no straight forward mission, there is plenty of cover and lots of chances to score some hits on anyone who tries to break cover. The tombstones offer great cover while you sight your targets,…

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Team deathmatch! Speedball is the crowd favourite at Delta Force centres. You can always rely on this field to get the adrenaline pumping. Speedball is an action-packed race to the finish as everyone is out to wipe out the other team within a time limit. Last one left wins it for their team. The stacked…

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Storm the castle! This game zone is a tough one. You will be challenged by high walls and enemies with height advantage. You will need distractions and coordination to breach their defenses and take over the castle. Patience and planning will be key to your success. Defend the walls! You will need to pay close…

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