In your crosshairs.

When you’ve lined up a critical shot and time is running out, you don’t want your paintball gun to fail. The Tippmann FT-12 has high accuracy and won’t let you down in the battle field. Our paintball guns have the latest technology and are standard issue to all players.

The FT-12 semi-automatic paintball marker has a trigger with a rate of fire that is faster than your trigger finger. That means you can shoot as fast or as slow as you choose. It is made of a lightweight alloy and is remarkably easy to use, allowing you to focus on the game zone scenario in the heat of battle rather than a jammed gun.

After each use our fully trained gunsmiths extensively maintain and refresh each gun. These guys are proud of their guns and are proud for you to enjoy their skillful work.

Our paintball guns have been specially designed with player comfort and accuracy in mind, so you can enjoy scoring hits against your targets.

No matter what your level of paintball experience, Delta Force will provide you the ultimate paintball experience.