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Ottawa Paintball

Paintball Body Suit


Full Length Protection.

Full body protection is one of our many strong points at Delta Force Paintball. We provide all players with a camouflage paintball combat suit with added neck protection. This softens the impact from any paintballs fired your way. The collar works in conjunction with the Full Head Protection Goggles to minimise the chance of a stray paintball contacting unprotected areas. If you want to stand out you can adorn yourself with fairy wings, a tutu or whatever else takes your fancy, as long as it’s safe. You can check out our photo galleries if you’re looking for inspiration for a special event such as a birthday or stag celebration.

Camouflage Paintball Body Suit

Camouflage Paintball Suit

The full-length combat suit will also protect your civilian clothes from the external elements. This way you can pay more attention to the situation without being distracted by the local environment.

Delta Force policy is to professionally launder the combat suits after each use, so our gear is fresh every day.

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