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Ottawa Paintball

Average Joes Playing Paintball


Just your average joe playing paintball.

Delta Force Paintball knows that it isn’t much fun to be playing against a team with much more experience than your own. We try to make sure the teams are a balanced mix of players and we will help out any individuals that may need it. Our audience is the average joe rather than the elite paintball competition player.

Delta Force Paintball centres are accessible to the widest range of players be they parents, children, grandparents or students, we welcome anyone who is willing to jump in and have a shot. It doesn’t matter what your sizes, shape or level of fitness – if you are willing to participate, you should do it.

Delta Force Ottawa is an easy drive from Ottawa CBD, so feel free to bring all your family and friends to enjoy the best paintball experience available. All players are provided with modern safety equipment and will be accompanied by at least one fully trained marshal on each team. Full head goggle protection, whole body combat suits with neck padding and double-sided body armor allows everyone to play.


As a first time player you are not expected to know it all, we will guide you throughout the whole day and make sure everyone is having fun. If you would like to know more about paintball safety, what to wear paintballing or any other topics have a look at our About page to find out more about how we do things the Delta Force way.

The Delta Force marshals want to make sure you have a good time. They have fun when you have fun, so you can expect them to be making sure you are in the thick of the action and are focused on keeping the energy levels high among the whole group.

Book now and experience the greatest paintball centre in Ottawa.