Giving back.

Delta Force Paintball is a large organisation and the local community means a lot to us. We like to get involved with fundraising ideas and charity events so we can support local worthy causes.

Each year we get involved with charities and fundraising initiatives to help raise much needed funds. This has included anything from RSPCA to the Normandy Veterans Association. We’ve also been involved in building a school for kids in Malawi named ‘The Delta Palms School’.

Paintball Fundraising ideas

If you have a fundraising event or charity cause that you would like to get us involved in, contact us and see if we can work together. We offer package deals for groups of ten which you can use in your campaign in various ways such as raffles, prices, gifts and more. The voucher package is worth $99.95, but we can donate it for free to a Canadian charitable institution.

All we need is a written request which we can review. If your cause needs our help, vouchers will be coming your way.

If you have ideas for a special event at our centre, let us know and we will aim to make it happen.

A Day out at Ottawa Paintball