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Ottawa Paintball

Youth & School Groups


Fitness and Teamwork.

Finding a suitable group activity for kids isn’t easy. Computer games and consoles are consuming a larger share of our spare time than ever before. So how do you get young people intersted in outdoor activities these days? Try paintball, it is similar to First Person Shooter games – but with fitness, interaction with people and the environment.

Growing bodies need diverse experiences. Paintball is an outdoor team-based sport where you will learn new skills and meet new people. Leadership and teamwork is the key to prevailing on the fields.

The venues run by Delta Force Paintball are a professional safe environment with trained staff and high safety standards – we have over 25 years of experience and a 100% safety record. Players are supervised during the game with by a marshal on each team, who is watching out for all the players to ensure they are being safe and getting the most out of the experience. The provided equipment is of the highest standard in the paintball field industry.


Everyone gets involved, whether rushing forward or providing cover for team-mates, using stealth or trying to coordinate the team. With the impressive Delta Force quality game zones as the backdrop to the actitivies on the day there will be little chance to think about anything else except the paintball event.

So whether it be for a youth group, school excursion or church leadership group, Delta Force is the professional choice of paintball provider.

Please note: All players under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult. Delta Force Paintball has set its minimum playing age to be 8 years old.

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