A paint ball day with Delta Force.

Paint Ball Delta Force Rambo 2 GunshipWe structure the day to get you into the action as soon as possible, but we still have to make sure everyone stays safe and follows the rules.

When you arrive our marshals will instruct you to fill out your registration form. We recommend you complete your registration form before you arrive as you will save time and have more fun. Then you collect and suit up in your equipment, which includes your paintball gun, armour and a belt to hold your spare paintballs.

Once you are ready we the marshals will go through the safety procedures and show you how to use the equipment provided. There are some rules you need to follow, but we will also give you some strategy tips and answer any questions you might have.

Then some training, the marshals escort you to the practice area where you get a chance to fire a few shots to learn how the gun works in the target range & prepare for the real fun.

Game On!

After training, the fun begins. You play a series of scenarios in our game zones, and at least two marshals will guide evenly balanced teams throughout the day and make sure everyone is having a fun time. Check out the variety of game zones that you will be playing in: Prison Break – try to escape from the guards to freedom! D-Day Landing – the 1944 Normandy beach landing, Tropic Thunder – a prisoner of war camp with guard towers, Resident Evil – find and retrieve the artefacts from the haunted graveyard, Speedball – a fast paced & action packed scenario and The Castle – defend it! conquer it!

In the middle of the day it is time for a lunch break. This is the best time to have a rest and a chat, and grab some snacks from the kiosk.

After lunch you will be back into the action again, now that everyone has had some practice it will be even more interesting. Teamwork and strategy can be put to the test in the final rounds.

We hope you have fun throughout the entire day at Delta Force Paintball.


A Day out at Ottawa Paintball